We truly appreciate the role you play and the time you spend making comments. Your input is key to making the new guide NEW for visitors every year. 


Since you will be providing direct feedback to Crystal, we just want to make sure you know what to be keeping an eye out for.

During the first round of review, we always look for three kinds of updates/comments from reviewers; grammar editing is optional as we do a third party review after Round II.

  • Your Community and Area of Expertise—Verify and update content associated with your community and/or area of expertise.
  • Factual Information—Verify and update local information like dates, phone numbers, business closures, event status. 
  • Images—Do the images suit the content? Do they match the regional demo? 
  • Production Note 1—the cover has not yet been selected, so the review begins on the inside front cover.
  • Production Note 2—to keep the file size of this PDF lower, some images in the book are placed as medium or low-resolution images. However, a rigorous pre-flight of the file both before (by Thalo Blue) and after release (by the printer) assures that all images and graphics are correct and print-ready.

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