We truly appreciate the role you play and the time you spend making comments. Your input is key to making the new guide NEW every year. We also try to make this process painless, so these instructions are brief, it should take about 5 minutes to read, and we will email you a cheat sheet for later use you when you sign in.

>What is Adobe Document CLoud? CoLLABORATE

Like other collaborative commenting tools Adobe Document Cloud (ADC) puts everyone’s comments in one place, can be used anywhere and on any device, and offers better comment tracking tools.

We think that the best feature ADC offers is that it allows you to review a just few pages at a time without losing the changes you have made.

>What to comment ON

We look for three kinds of updates/comments from reviewers; grammar editing is optional.

  • Your Community and Area of Expertise—Verify and update content associated with your community and/or area of expertise.
  • Factual Information—Verify and update local information like dates, phone numbers, business closures, event status.
  • Images—Do the images suit the content? Do they match the regional demo?


  • Concise—try to be brief and straightforward when possible
  • Professional—while not moderated, all comments are public to the group
  • Prompt—this allows others the opportunity to see your ideas

>How to navigate the document

NAVIGATION TOOLS are located at the bottom of the document and include: page advance, page # of #, magnify/reduce, expand the view to full page width, lock/float nav tools) 

Get a full-screen view: Open your browser to full width and then click expand to full-page.

>the editing tools

EDITING TOOLS are located at the top of the document and include: sticky note, highlight, underline, strikethrough, and draw.

Assign a tool color if you want by clicking the tool,
then the colored dot to the right of the toolbar.
  1. STICKY NOTE—use for notes about images or a large area of content. 
  2. HIGHLIGHT and UNDERLINE—use interchangeably to draw attention to text/passages
  3. STRIKETHROUGH—remove this text/passage
  4. DRAW—use like a pen to make comments right in the document or circle something important


  1. Provide your Adobe ID—this is optional; using Facebook, Google, or Apple creates a new Adobe ID
  2. Choose an editing tool and begin reading the document
  3. Select content with tool and type comment in the commenting panel at right side of doc
    ——or click on an existing comments (yours or others) to add new edits
  4. Click POST to record each comment
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 as you move through the document

When you have completed your review, give it a once over and then click DONE at the top of the commenting panel to record ALL comments. And remember, you can come back later to add more.


Easy, right. And don’t worry if you forget something. We will email you a copy of these instructions once you are checked in. The email will also include a link to the document Please check in with your name and email address and click the Open Review Document button.


Privacy policy: We won’t share your email address because we don’t like spam either.