Matthew Kovacevich


Matthew brings over 20, plus years of travel and destination marketing experience to his work for Thalo Blue clients. He builds customer service into every relationship, mindful of the day-to-day needs of clients, staff, and vendors.

Matthew wears many hats at TBDM; from in-house tech support to all-around problem-solver for the team. Whatever you need he’ll find it, or knows a guy that can. 

Matthew brings that ability to each conversation, adding depth to TBDM strategic marketing plans. A stickler for grammar and patron of words, he leads the content team. A production guy at heart, he is dedicated to ensuring projects are always on spec, on time, and on budget. 

Originally from Long Island, NY, he has been to more places in Maine than most natives. He is known for his in-depth research on any subject that is required to produce copy that will exceed client expectations.

As line producer on client photoshoots, he will develop detailed shot lists and schedules, cut down unruly brush, paddle a canoe to shuttle crew, all while keeping models entertained as they wait. It’s why he holds the honorary title of TBDM Go-to-Guy.

Did we mention: Matthew was part of the Emmy award-winning team on an animated show featuring Cindy Crawford.